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Roadshow Event Planning Service

Designing a roadshow starts with a design spark, weaving your brand’s specific narrative into the very fabric of the roadshow experience.

A focus on both design and delivery is paramount, and a trusted partner is your secret weapon. By blending creativity & innovation, alongside dependable logistical planning, we ensure your brand commands attention in the market, wherever we take it.

Engineering immersive brand experiences in a compact roadshow moveable environment isn’t always easy. But doing it right ensures your audience is captivated, and ultimately delivering results. Bringing your brand’s story to life and with unforgettable roadshow design and delivery.

With Indesit, washing machines were made exciting on a dynamic stage with its exposed models. Washing dirty laundry took a new meaning and engaged the audience in a way no other washing machine had done before. ‘Moonbase’, one small step for Indesit…