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Store Interior Installation

We gave the Ray-ban flagship store a makeover that extended from captivating window displays to immersive wall coverings. The reimagined space not only showcased Ray-Ban’s iconic eyewear but also gave visitors a visually stunning experience – it sure was a sight for sore eyes!


Ray-Ban’s store makeover was driven by a vision to redefine the very concept of eyewear shopping. The goal was to transform the store into a dynamic hub where customers don’t just buy sunglasses; they experience the essence of the Ray-Ban lifestyle. The revamped store not only showcased the latest eyewear collections but also fostered a sense of belonging and connection.

We created a space where customers can engage with the brand’s heritage, explore new styles, and leave not only with a pair of sunglasses but with a memorable and enriching experience that mirrors Ray-Ban’s spirit of authenticity and individuality.

Create moments that
must be captured

Epic design inspires action. We create activations that are a journey so unforgettable that it must be captured. An experience that has to be shared: online and with friends. Our storytelling captivates, engages, inspires.

Our designers start with a creative 3D concept, let’s show you how we can transform your space…