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Gingerbread City

Museum Interior Installation

Museum of Architecture’s annual Gingerbread City exhibit returned for 2022, this time with us behind the scenes. Our team worked closely with the architects to bring their vision to reality & deliver an installation that looked good enough to eat!


This unique exhibit challenged leading architects, engineers and designers to create a futuristic city made entirely of gingerbread. We were challenged to build the space for their creativity to shine.

Championing the unconventional and mesmerising, the mini, edible city was inspired by cutting-edge technologies and sustainable design ideas – just like us.

Create moments that
must be captured

Epic design inspires action. We create activations that are a journey so unforgettable that it must be captured. An experience that has to be shared: online and with friends. Our storytelling captivates, engages, inspires.

Our designers start with a creative 3D concept, let’s show you how we can transform your space…