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Ebay Birthday Cake

Brand Activation

In honour of eBay’s 20th birthday, we worked with them on a remarkable endeavour: floating a colossal birthday cake down the iconic Thames River. This ambitious feat not only embodied the spirit of celebration but also showcased the fusion of innovative thinking, formidable project management, and out-of-the-box creativity.


The eBay Birthday Cake, a symbol of creativity and celebration, embarked on an extraordinary journey to Southbank, where eBay employees eagerly awaited its arrival at their grand party. The two-tier marvel, adorned with eBay-coloured icing and illuminated candles, was assembled on a foil-tray base at Tilbury docks.

As it gracefully sailed up the Thames River, it became a beacon of excitement, symbolising eBay’s two decades of innovation. Unfortunately, being made from MDF and ply, so employees weren’t able to tuck into what looked like a delicious birthday cake!

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