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Exhibition Stands

Innovativeness, dynamism and eco-friendly approach: three reasons why we were chosen to deliver no less than six exhibition stands for COP26. Clients loved our environmentally sensitive practices, our can-do ethos and our outside-the-box 3D design concepts.


The COP26 summit in Glasgow brought together countries & organisations to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

With sustainability at the core, there was no better creative agency than us to deliver six show-stopping stands for this high-profile summit (although we can’t show you them due to security reasons, trust us, they were epic!)

Create moments that
must be captured

Epic design inspires action. We create activations that are a journey so unforgettable that it must be captured. An experience that has to be shared: online and with friends. Our storytelling captivates, engages, inspires.

Our designers start with a creative 3D concept, let’s show you how we can transform your space…