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Christian Louboutin at Selfridges & Co.

Display Window Installation

Fashion met artistry in the Christian Louboutin display window installation at Selfridges & Co. Set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most renowned stores, this installation was more than just a showcase; it’s a captivating, hypnotic experience.


Designed to perfectly mirror the essence of the iconic Louboutin brand, the display window invited you into a realm where creativity had no bounds. Passers-by were mesmerized as the magic of Louboutin unfolded before their eyes, merging fashion and fantasy in a display that was nothing short of extraordinary.

It was more than just a window display; it was a story told through exquisite designs and artistic brilliance. This installation invited you to indulge in the essence of a lifestyle, where elegance and edginess seamlessly coexisted, like never before.

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