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Brussels Boutique

Pop-up store

We were tasked with creating a space where Belgian creativity met international flair by offering a delightful shopping experience that captured the essence of Brussels’ thriving artisanal scene. In a historical building on Regents Street, this pop-up store was a vibrant showcase of Brussels’ finest creations nestled in the heart of London. It perfectly showcased a curated selection of products from talented Belgian designers, artisans, and entrepreneurs.


At the pop-up shop, visitors were not just entering a store – they were stepping into the diverse cultural and artistic heritage of Brussels. Every item on display told a story, reflecting the passion and craftsmanship of Brussels’ artisans and entrepreneurs. So the pop-up store needed to be the perfect canvas to display and champion the products,

with a stylish, luxurious set-up and a welcoming ambience. The building had Grade II listed marble walls which we protected and accentuated, adding modern pendant lighting, clean white shelves and podiums and opulent hanging drapes. The result? A welcoming, engaging space to champion Brussels products.

Create moments that
must be captured

Epic design inspires action. We create activations that are a journey so unforgettable that it must be captured. An experience that has to be shared: online and with friends. Our storytelling captivates, engages, inspires.

Our designers start with a creative 3D concept, let’s show you how we can transform your space…